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RTM Business Group provides a robust platform for innovative leaders and professionals in the K-12 Special Education industry. Our Congresses are an opportunity for you to offer your insights, expertise, and thought leadership to a desiring audience of peers and partners. For our featured speakers, the benefits are rich, increasing both personal and professional opportunities through their valuable contributions to the evolving industry landscape.

Benefits to Featured Speakers

At RTM’s K-12 Special Education Congresses, education leaders from across the country converge to learn, grow, and find the tools they need to fuel their organization’s future. Access to these Congresses takes place by invitation-only, seeing a rich pool of strategic attendees gather within a curated and controlled environment. Here, issues of most note to the K-12 Special Education industry are highlighted and explored.

Our K-12 Special Education Congress featured speakers enjoy the benefits of:

Enhanced visibility

Whether you’re already an expert in your field or you’re looking to expand your visibility, RTM Congress environments are a rare opportunity to capture attention and engagement.

Renowned thought leadership

Communicate your invaluable wisdom and expertise on a platform that’s primed for its delivery. By drawing on your expertise to contribute to the field’s ongoing growth, you’re empowering your fellow K-12 Special Education practitioners, who stand to benefit immensely from your leadership.

Ongoing career growth

Enhance your knowledge base and grow your professional prospects within our highly curated environments. Your participation as a featured speaker may lead to your next career opportunity.

RTM K-12 Special Education Congress Audiences and Attendees

RTM K-12 Special Education Congresses are opportunities for the field’s leading authorities and decision-makers to gather for a robust and intentional learning experience. In this audience, you’ll meet peers who are at the cutting edge of K-12 Special Education innovation, ready to offer their wisdom and learnings.

If you’re looking to grow your professional footprint or refine your thought leadership, the RTM K-12 Special Education audience is the perfect audience for your voice. Speak directly to peers who will benefit from your experiences, with attendees including Superintendents, Executive Directors of Technology, Chief Technology Officers, and more.

K-12 Special Education Congress topics and areas of focus

Our Congress topics are designed in correlation with the needs of our delegates and the expertise of our featured speakers. Sample K-12 Special Education Congress topics include:

Enhancing Student Outcomes through Strategic Teacher Training

Addressing Disproportionate Identification and Suspension of Students with Disabilities

Specially Designed Instruction in the Least Restrictive Environment

Navigating the Needs of Students with Significant Behavioral and Mental Health Challenges

Managing Budget Deficits in K-12 Special Education

Addressing Staffing Shortages: Supporting Teachers and Aides

Leveraging AI for Enhanced Student & Staff Support

ASD on the Rise: Meeting the Growing Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ready to learn more?

Are you ready to share your expertise at our next RTM K-12 Special Education Congress? Reach out to our team to learn more.

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